Exhibit Statement

The exhibit will be on display in the UWM libraries Grind coffee shop June 15th-August 15th 2014.

The lives and experiences of marginalized peoples are often rendered invisible in mainstream media and historical texts. Through the self-publication of zines, individuals and communities have found an alternative mode of knowledge production and information sharing. These publications provide uncensored first hand narratives, and as such, constitute unique and invaluable research tools. With content ranging from health care resource guides to personal coming out stories, this collection of zines celebrates the diversity of LGBTQIA experiences.

These zines were provided by UWM Libraries Special Collections and the Queer Zine Archive Project. These items can be viewed throughout the year by visiting Special Collections or QZAP.org. If you have questions regarding this exhibit, or about zines in general, please e-mail metcalfm@uwm.edu.


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